Distance Learning Teacher Webinar 3.25

David Torres
8 months agoMarch 28, 2020
Thank you Megan,
The presentation was very helpful.  I was wondering about the link for parents to get introduced to how eSpark works. Can you send out a link that we can share with parents? Thank You
Jess Weston
8 months agoMarch 30, 2020
I am glad you found the presentation helpful! Parents can sign-up here: https://www.esparklearning.com/at-home. Please email support@esparklearning.com if I can help with anything else!
Louise Marino
8 months agoMarch 31, 2020
How many challenges must they do before they take a quiz?
How many quizzes must they do before the post quiz?
How do they move to harder material?
Jess Weston
8 months agoMarch 31, 2020
Hi Louise! Thanks for reaching out! In a quest a student most complete all of the activities before they take the post-quiz. The only quiz students will see before the post-quiz is the pre-quiz. Students will see check for understanding questions throughout their quests as well. Students move through to harder material based on their quest mastery. To master a quest students must get 80% or above on the post-quiz. Please email support@esparklearning.com if you have any other questions!
Hello I'M Lola Lunford Thanks for all that you do.
8 months agoApril 1, 2020
Thanks for this it was helpful.
Mary Ann
8 months agoApril 4, 2020
Hi-Will there be April dates for Parent Webnairs?
eSpark Learning Support
8 months agoApril 6, 2020
Hi Mary Ann! We are not hosting any live webinars in April. Here is a great recording of the parent webinar you can send out: https://esparklearning.wistia.com/medias/9tneylvgmk. 

Here is also a link to our eSpark at Home parent hub: https://intercom.help/esparklearning/en/articles/3851917-for-parents-how-can-i-support-my-child-at-home

You can email us at support@esparklearning.com or call us anytime at (312) 894-3100 if you have any questions!
Allison Grimm
8 months agoApril 20, 2020
Thank you Megan! I appreciate your help!
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