Data, Email Reports, Small Groups 3/4 Webinar

Renee Derwoed
5 months agoMarch 6, 2020
Very informative...I have found the new dashboard very easy to navigate with a little practice. We are big fans of eSpark here @ Brown Elementary!!!
Top 4 requests moving forward:
1)Teacher ability to delete/edit/resign video to students
2) Homework specifically assigned to out math program to be more "green" Every Day Math Home links etc. 
3)Shorter assignments with varied activities to re-address the same content area for students who need more repetition to gain understanding.
4)The e-mail follow-up activities to come in as an assignment... to  be used at small group directly.
4 months agoApril 28, 2020
whats the thing to get in
4 months agoApril 28, 2020
give me the number
eSpark Learning Support
4 months agoApril 28, 2020
Hi Serenity please email us at and we will be able to help you!
Ashley Fecat
4 months agoApril 2, 2020
Very helpful, thank you.
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