Distance Learning with eSpark - For Teachers March 2020

Debbie Cirillo
5 months agoMarch 19, 2020
This was a great!  Very informative.  You answered every question I had!
Mrs. Kinkaid's 3rd Grade
5 months agoMarch 19, 2020
Very informative!  Learned a lot about this product!
5 months agoMarch 20, 2020
It was mentioned that this works easily with google classroom. Can I link the students' google classroom accounts to espark? How can I post assignments from espark on their google classroom account?
Sarah Guckert
5 months agoMarch 21, 2020
Hi Sally! Great question! eSpark automatically adds students that are rostered in google classroom to eSpark, teachers can also post the espark.app link in google classroom for students to easily access our student site. Please email support@esparklearning.com if you have any questions.
5 months agoMarch 24, 2020

Mary Stumph
5 months agoMarch 26, 2020
Any tools or recommends to share the 'high fives/gold stars' with students while distance learning?
Sarah Guckert
5 months agoMarch 27, 2020
Hi Mary! Great question, we will still continue to send out our weekly high five reports! Feel free to still celebrate your students' high fives digitally with this image below or filing out our high five certificates and emailing them to students/caregivers!

Digital High Five Image: https://www.esparklearning.com/hubfs/RockyHighFiveSquare.png

High Five Certificates 3+: https://intercom.help/esparklearning/en/articles/3351124-3-espark-high-five-certificate

High Five Certificates K-2: https://intercom.help/esparklearning/en/articles/3351125-k-2-espark-high-five-certificate
Julie Mead
5 months agoMarch 27, 2020
I like that you can send work for students to do.
5 months agoMarch 28, 2020
Really enjoyed this webinar.  Gave me insight to better prepare digital instruction.
4 months agoApril 23, 2020
I had a student trying to login at home and had a screen that I have never seen.  It had 4 boxes "I am a:, Class code, username, password"
What is the class code?  Why would that appear on here?  Wouldn't she just need her username and password?
eSpark Learning Support
4 months agoApril 23, 2020
Hi Sarah! It should just be a username and password to login to espark at espark.app or through our iPad app. Please email us at support@esparklearning.com and we can help with this right away!
Detrice S.
3 months agoMay 14, 2020
This webnar was very informative, I like the simplicity for distant learning. Implementing asignments should be very interesting for kids who wants to move forward. Most of my kids love eSparks.
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